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Notting Hill

lets talked about music, movies, general issues, simple calculating of math, facebook, blackberry, my hometown, and so on. and i’m gonna be your good listener or respondents.

but don’t talk about heart, love, or even relationship. don’t count me in. i’m worst in it!

that’s why i keep watching drama movie recently. instead of i dislike action, thriller, nor horror, i just try to encourage the sense of love within myself which seems dissapeared by these few years. and this Notting Hill movie was pretty great (except the ordinary-fairytale-ending-part. i didn’t t count it in)

however, give me a sec to feel the love

it’s releasing

it’s keep you smiling all day

it gives you spirit more than that most powerful energetic drink (somehow you just feel unbelievable bout ur own.  “how could i do that?”

it’s tempting and sometimes freakin’ you out



these parts of Ronan Keating’s may represent how the love works..

It’s amazing
How you can speak
Right to my heart
Without saying a word,
You can light up the dark

P.S: this is the path I wanna get my life thru from now on

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