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it’s close to the sunrise, so that i won’t type much. my eyes is about to close within minutes.

  • 7.9 ritcher scale earthquake occured in west Sumatera, Padang at the evening. its pretty shocked to see that earthquake seems to occured anywhere, anytime, without any confirmation (my lecture say that earthquake is the only thing which couldn’t be detected). i wish the victims still got the strength to stand up

If the mind keeps thinking you’ve had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don’t give up

yeah, it’s pretty hard thing to do when you have to survive while you’re close to death. i’ll send my pray for you, Padang. for sure

  • i met a veryyyyyyyy sparkling lecture. don’t know his name either. he is the send from german+indo parents. all i know and adore is that, he is smart. he share a lot. in english. so, i have to put a lot of attention to got his lecture (beside that i’m be witched but his appearance!)
  • i met the second smart lecture! totally smart, my guarantee! he has got the master of research (my guess! haha. because we’re on research class). his ‘aku-kamu’ style is bloody friendly, which makes you feels like you’re listening to your friends who are story teller. he make the class as light as the cotton (remember! it’s research class! i’ve got the same class last year which was killing me! i’ve got nothing but sleeping, and !@*#()$*#@-confuse). thumbs up, mr. rizky!
  • though that i’ve got great lectures, those assignment they gave is kinda freak me out. it’s a group task and here is the problem. i think the problem is easier if its an individual task. its pretty hard to work in team where you just see them once a week, just in one and an half hour. hmph. but, i know that i’m gonna face it! i’m gonna through it all.

yep! enough for today. i’m off. bless my night, the Sumatrans, my lovely regions, and the whole universe.

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