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being freak


Sitting at 21 sarinah.
This is my first time being this lonesome. Really alone.
Though that I am truly release being this, a bit pain coming through my vein (seing another was coming with their peers and pairs), just a bit, definitely.

Tadi mendadak gue ke mangga besar ketemu kakak gue, tersesat, mas ojek ngga tau jalan, apalagi gue. Dan pertemuan gue dengan sang kakak pun berlangsung within an half hour.

Karena bingung hrs ke mana, so here I am.
Buying a sandals.
Having few breathe air.
Surrounding with Sabrina, in this waiting seat.

Now I think I’m not that lonely. Seorang bapak berusia sekitar 40-something’s sitting 20 degrees across me. Menunggu dengan muka sedikit menekuk, tampang malas, entah siapa atau apa yang ditunggu.

Sitting left behind me, a 20’s man juga sedang duduk. Casual. Orange shirt, anf blue jeans, his backpack right behind him. (I’m peeking him through the corner of my sight)

Now I’m moving on another seat.
Meitri mau menyusul. Haha. The further this much looks alike a single escspe!

Okay, here we go on another sight. 4 peers (umm or I might call them 4 girls due to they seems like below 20), was taking a picture. Looks happy. Of course they are.
Weekend is the best moment to be happy, giving your big smile, and being encourage. No task. No duty. Free!

The clock has just 20 minutes turning from when I did start writing.

Another song from Sabrina.

50minutes to go before the theater calling me to come in.

Yeah! ‘This is it’ will be played on 5.35.
Terrifying, huh?

Its obviously not!

I still enjoying my weekend!


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