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‘tell me about you’

What a simply question, isn’t it?
Yeah these 4 words begin my interview today. My first interview.

I answer this question fluenthly.
No ‘death air’.
But right after I get out of that interviewing room, I recognized that my answer is just too silly. Too lamb. Meaningless. :(.
“I’m vinny. Student of bla bla. I used to study at surabaya bla bla bla. I supposed to be at 7th term, but because of the move, I’m just study at 3rd term..” Tereng. Titik! Fullstop! That is my exact answer. Yeah, in English. (The interview was done in 80% english)

Feel so sorry ► admit it.
I just really don’t know how ► arrange words by words in aswering this question.
Would it happened ► you guys, if you are asking the same question?
Me don’t prepare myself for this question.

And another nerve hijacked my mind for question ‘what kind of music do u hear beside radio?’.
This question is more than just simple. But u know that the answer for this question might tell them a lot about me.
So, here is my answer:
– I like pop, rnb, hiphop
– james morrison
– james blunt
– colbie callat
– adele
– not too much old song, just a few
That’s iti!
Is it a qualified answer, pals?
I don’t think so.

Then, I’m asking about my interest in indonesia song.
– I don’t listen ► much Indonesia songs. They talked too much about love. I don’t like it. (How am I described with this answer??)
– ten 2 five.
– endah n rhesa.

Well, thing has just happened.
Life couldn’t be rewinded.
This is my first.
There must be a lesson learned for what happen this day.
For the night before when I couldn’t sleep at all.
Then, driving me ► horrible headache and stomachache by the time I woke up..

Yeah I love myself be challenged.
And this is how the life goes on.
How the dream path way to go

I still think a lot for this opportunity.
Hope that the universe will tighten the cope.

At least, I’ll do my best.
Whatever may come tomorrow, I believe that that’s the way it is.

Bluerish room
05.08 pm

PS: anyway, I forgot ► thanks for all the supporting tweets and chat.
I dedicate my today’s fight for you all, for ur beliefs, and support!
Things go much better with all ur kindness behind me.. Please accept this grattitude. 🙂

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  1. faye yolody

    Hahaha.. ga jauh beda kok sama gue vin.
    Habis pulang MIMPI gue diinterview radio, then suara gue lg habis total waktu itu.
    N ditanya ‘kamu suka musik ga’
    gue: “hm,, ga terlalu suka gimana banget sih, suka dengerin aja kadang2.”

    Damn, jelas2 itu interview buat radio, bukan buat jd teller bank.

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