All Vinny  


let this hand type for every single letter its choose.

thinking of you is irritating,
while seeing you is relieving

through your eyes I see the smile,
through the smile, I feel more shy
and beyond the sky,
the Milky Way holding me tight

my eyes wink when I see you,
my heart beat when I near you,
my mouth lock when I hear you

you light the day,
you ease the pain,
then you left all things remain

I’m the God
with no any guts
and you’re untouchable
as the glamour sculpture

I let the men scold
let the girl shout
but sorry
I can’t get it stop
don’t know when will it drop

oh man,
thinking of you is irritating,
yet seeing you is relieving
but to forget you seems like nothing
yes, you’re lasting

thinking maybe you’re come back into the place that we meet,
and you see me waiting for you as a man who can be moved

the 3rd city,
dec 13th

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