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JJF 2010 is Jazzin’ me up!

3 March
02.18 pm (otw back route Grand Hyatt – Hotel Borobudur)

it’s funny to see how this artist hate singer initial JG because he’s having a crash with her husband.
it’s crazy to have lunch with PFG, Diane Warren, and Marcia. just the fourth of us. with over a million bill! (which i’ve never had before. call me downtown girl!)
it’s fantastic to listen how they talk about David Foster, Elizabeth Taylor, and so on. yes they’re doing the Gossip thing!
and it’s cool to see Diane’s facebook-ing!
it’s extraordinary how you can insist a shop not to close their place at a time because i’ve brought an international artist to be there, and they’re gonna be so late.

8 March
01.46 pm

these whole experiences in Java Jazz is so remarkable!
i’m sure that it’s gonna be a long and last sweet memory.  to escort Diane Warren and friends.
they’re sooo kind, nice, and great.

i’m just out of words to write more!

these 4 days are totally GREAT!!! thanks for the grateful opportunity.

i’ll post more pictures later! smooch =*

the soundcheck
what a great honour to escort you, Diane

-still missing the moment so badly-

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