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the tiny thank you note

this post is dedicated to BDI (Buddha Dharma Indonesia),
my first friends, and my second home

i’d like to introduce you to my friends.
these are my most long lasting friends among all.
we are more than just what they call “unity in diversity”.
some from Jakarta.
some from small village in Java.
some others from Sumatra.
some (me) from Kalimantan.
(we haven’t get one from Sulawesi and Papua =p)

we do the friendship thing.
so do the enemy things.
we laugh, cry,
we fight,
no matter we lose or win,
yes, we do that all. together.

to write this note
is really just like a ‘click’ thing!
suddenly, i just realize that I really learned a lot at here!
in a place where i’ve been almost everyday,
almost in these over 10 years (what a longggg time! how old am I? haha)
i learned how to treat the “God”
the nature,
the things,
the people,
and above all, how to treat myself.
in a humanity way.
the things that’s just to good to forget.

sorry! the pictures are wessy wassy (acak-acakan).



(you know who you are) =*

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