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the art of foot

I have lived alone, far away from parents, family, not yet having special boy, for these 4 years. So far, I through it all well. I handle all the man’s stuff, such as changing the lamp, cleaning the air conditioner, moving the board, fixing the printer, and many more. On the other words, I don’t need man technically, because I could take over what the man could do. (However, I don’t think if it’s applied equally to men. Just some of them might do so.)

Based on my experience and little observation, my boyfriends fall for girl easily, (especially the pretty one). They do it often. On the contrary, my girlfriends seldom have the problem with this heart matter, and so do I. it’s not that we could not attract any man. We just don’t give our heart easily to the man, as the man do. I have many single girl friends, while most of my boyfriends already get their girl. Obviously, this is another fact showing how the men need women more than we need men.

Number of success carrier women increase rapidly during decade in Indonesia. Take a look at how many women have ruled some giant business in this country. Putri Sampoerna with the Sampoerna Foundation, Dewi Gontha with the Java Production, Dr. Martha Tillar for the Martha Tilaar Group, and so on. These several persons are the following prove from the first paragraph. Not just simple technical things, women also have the power to lead many people, including men.

The earlier paragraphs are not an affirmation that woman doesn’t need man in their entire life. Both man and woman need each other to be a better person. Success woman might be able to have everything she wants without man, but her life would be completely perfect if she has a man who stands beside her.

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