un-nothing is impossible

(This post is all about curhat. My truly curhat, that comes to my mind at 1 o’clock in the morning, when I’ve been hiding under the blanket, with the lamp off)

I’m kinda attracted to someone right now.

And for me, when it comes to ‘attracting’, ‘interesting’ , ‘liking’, or ‘love’, it’s totally frustrating!


Yes I’m an unimpressive girl when I’m dealing with my opposite attract.
Highly unimpressive.
(Hi friends! I’m admit it.)

But, what to do when you’re having such a crush into someone? Or, I might say it ‘what to do when I’m having a crush into someone?’
This is what I did.
Nothing! (I can’t think even one. Poor poor me)

Call me sad.
Call me loser.
Call me bad.
Call me stupid.
Call me everything.
Yes that’s me.

Dream is the only thing I dare to chase.
And man is the only thing I never dare to chase.
(or haven’t dare yet).

And this is my position when I see the man.
Hiding under the blanket.
Until the sun shine.
And the man has gone. Away.

Save me!

8 thoughts on “un-nothing is impossible

  1. Mari belajar sama shi-fu
    Kejaaaaaarrrrr vinnnnn
    Jangan sampai nyesel
    Jangan takut sakit hati
    Walaupun sakit hati itu gak enak
    Tp yang pasti kita belajar dari sana..


  2. o my godd VINNY! Trying something new is always difficult at first. but if u can make it, u’ll feel like a champion!



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