Too Good to be True

From: @junestarlene
Sent: Aug 13, 2010 8:56p

“Oh we’re the one who suppose to hate u beb. We ain’t got metro TV.” RT @vinnydubidu: Benci liat foto BBM @mariaaa88 @yulyliu @paulpitoy. :|

Hello! How do you do? Message above was came from my friend’s tweet, miss Arlene. She’s great sister to remind me how lucky I am to have those chance in Metro TV.

Still remember my previous story? When I start planning myself to be a ‘pedagang’, and so on right after I feel like I lose all the chances to be what I want to be. Yes! Finally, I’ve got the call on Wednesday, to start my internship on Friday. I was freaking out!

So, this is my first day having an internship in Metro TV. All feeling was so mixed up like a glass of juice. I feel exciting, yet intimidating. I’ve made my own story that I would be bullied by the next few days. I’m afraid of making mistake. And so on. And so on.

Then, when I really get into it, it isn’t that bad. I have to call some colleges asking for audiences to come on Monday live shooting. Intan (current officer) was telling me how to make a transportation request for picking them up. I was introduced to another officer. So far, they’re seemed kind.

However, one at a time, I suddenly feel stressed out. I’m wondering ’bout how far I can go through this, how well I can do, how good they’ll except me, and so many other thoughts that come into my mind.

Then, I read Arlene’s tweet, and I was like slapped to thank my God for the opportunity given. I then recall how I want this job badly few weeks ago, just like this is my soulmate that I’ve been searching for so long.
Eventually, I’ve got it now.
Time is running out.
All I have to do is give my best.
Yes, I really have to.

Good thing doesn’t come twice.
Take it or leave it.
Hold them tight, or let them go.

Sleep tight, mates! :)

(Thanks a lot to all my friends to keep supporting me wherever I am, however I was. It’s my honour to have u all in my life. =*)

11 thoughts on “Too Good to be True

  1. you got your “slap”

    tapi emang kita butuh tamparan2 itu untuk mengingatkan kembali apa yang kita mimpikan dan apa yang jadi tujuan kita. jangan kalah sama setan “hura-hura”

    good job, good luck
    i’m proud of you :D


  2. go cicik! sometimes it is normal to be worry in the beginning :D

    anyway, remember the keyword when we are doing such a dreamcatcher’s things? nothing to loose! hahaha..
    so just go on! get all the things that you can get!
    *aji mumpung* loh? hahahahaha.. go cicik! :)


  3. Congrats, for being excepted in MetroTV walaupun baru internship. A small step to a big dream… U can do it!

    Don’t forget to give thank for everything, berterima kasih akan membuatmu lebih santai dalam menjalani kesibukan yg padat setiap harinya. It will keep your mind positive

    And surrender all things to God, and don’t worry setiap masalah punya jalan keluar…



  4. ihh ihhh.. kok gw telat amett baru tau lu keterima magang di metroo.. ckckckckck..
    makan makann dongg.. hahaha.. i miss u lohh vinnydubidu..
    rasanya suda lama kita tak bersua dan tak bergosipp..
    gw punya ole ole ne dari batam.. hahaha..
    ada yg abstract berupa gossip, ada yg nyata berupa chocolate.. mau yg mane lo?? hahaha..


  5. Hai! Aku ngerti banget apa yang kamu rasain. Aku juga pernah magang selama 6 bulan di Metro TV di tahun 2005. Itu adalah salah satu periode terbaik dalam hidupku. Selamat menenggak pengalaman-pengalaman berharga, bertemu teman-teman baru dan menciptakan momen-momen tak terlupakan di kantor Kedoya. Ohya, good luck untuk perlombaan TEMPO-nya. You can do it!


    1. Hai, mba Andini. Senang sekali dapat comment dari mba. Dulu di program apa di Metro?
      Iya memang banyak bgt yg dipelajari selama di Metro, walaupun baru sebulan. Teman2 juga sangat welcome.

      Soal TEMPO, ternyata susah ya membuat tulisan dengan tema untuk Indonesia. Salut untuk tulisan mba lovingindonesia. Inspiring banget. Lebih seneng lagi kl bs dapat tips menulis dari mba Andini. Hehe.

      Anyway, thanks for the support! So glad to know you. :)


  6. Hai Vinny, maaf balesnya lama yaa.. Dulu aku di News Magazine, ngerjain beberapa program, mulai dari program khusus tentang pemilihan presiden AS (waktu itu si bush baru mau jadi presiden) sampai OASIS. Gimana akhirnya lomba menulis yang diadakan TEMPO itu? Tips menulis.. Apa ya? Pakai hati aja kali ya.. Sejujurnya aku juga gak tahu.. Hehehe.. Percaya aja sama hati kamu, ikuti kata hati kamu, usahakan untuk jujur, tapi tetap manis. Glad to know you too! Best of luck!


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