a lifetime wish

I think I fell in love,
Since the first I knew you.

I feel you through the book that I read,
the movie that I saw,
and the music that I listen.

Now, I’m dreaming over you.

The big yellow taxi,
Crowd along the street,
Fifth Avenue,
Times Square
and many more.

I might not know much about you.
Just a little note on you.
I might hate America.
But I definitely like you.

I guess, I’ll look for a book entitled
‘New York Traveller Book’,
‘Everything You Should Know About NYC’,
or whatever as long it tell me more ’bout you.

And for the first time,
You’ve became one of my dream to wish for.

Even dreaming of you will really make my night.

Times Square

New York City Aerials

NYC at noon

7 thoughts on “a lifetime wish

  1. Veen, liberty isn’t adorable enought for u? Kok gak ada fotonya? Hehehe.

    Btw,I prefer Paris. Someday, I’ll go there. *gemeter mengikrarkan tekad kesana*


  2. Setelah dibaca ulang previous comment gw, enough nya kelebihan satu T. Aduh jd ga enak, soalnya itu kan komentar perdana gw veen di lo. Keep going kawan:)


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