the little thing he needs

well, this is the story about my brother. my oldest brother.

why looks so old? because he's 15 years older than me. :)

he’s a lovely brother. he took care of me, since I was a child (guess there was a picture like above pose, between me and him. ;p)
my mom ever told me that he loves me the most. he bought  a can of milk with his salary when worked as mechanic at a small ‘bengkel’. I guess he must do the same things to my other three brothers. :)

and this is the place where he works. kinda huge building, for some process of what-so-called-industrial-material, at Banjarmasin. South Kalimantan.

and this is the sweetest thing I found, hanging on the wall at the corner of this building

written above : "Hesly B2"

seeing this picture suddenly hit me.
it’s not about the picture.
it’s about the reason why he hang this picture.

all I know is,
my brother is a great brother and dad.
these are his schedule during days (which I saw every time I go to Banjarmasin).
6 am : he takes her son and daughter to school.
7 am : get home. take a shower. go to work. (sometimes he brought me ‘lontong’ or ‘nasi uduk’ if I stayed at his home).
5 pm : get home, after work.
6 pm : take me going somewhere to spend with his family, while having dinner.
9 pm : get home, take a rest. family time.

and he does it everyday.

I know he must feel stuck, or exhausted.

but seeing those little picture hanging at his workplace,
must be felt alike his daughter is calling him ‘papi, hati-hati di jalan’
or thus sweet thing between dad and children.

perhaps each of us should have those ‘little thing’ that could remain us to stand strong, and live this life, in gratitude.
because somewhere out there, there still many people who are waiting for us, loving us, and will giving their truly care for us.

his little thing. have you got yours?

4 thoughts on “the little thing he needs

  1. Read story like this make me anxious. Can I be that awesome guy someday. To be loved by my child, supported by my wife. Your brother must be a very lucky man..
    Eh, ini yg waktu itu ketemu di gading itu bukan sih?


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