This is it!

Gutten morgen.

Finally got a present from my beloved mates (which keeping me anxious because I’ve got nothing yet since the ‘hit and run scene with those water, egg, powder, and other nasty things’ at oct 18th. :D

Last night I’ve got these pair of heels which is functionally really fit into my feet (you know what I mean, ladies haha)

They said there’ll gonna be another presents. Tell me soon buddies! Since it’s written here, you guys have to make it real. I’m waiting! Haha.

Gracias amigos ladies (nana, kirana, sadikin, ilia, bacul, nina).

5 thoughts on “This is it!

    1. Andyyy! kalau aku jadi Carrie, kamu orang pertama yang aku undang ke acara Thanksgiving! haha. be my bestman juga boleh deh nanti yah.
      kau sangat mendukungku menjadi Miss Bradshaw! hahaha.


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