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a year back then

well, as what people do on book or movie, we also may do a review for our life.
for what we’ve done, what we’ve been through, the failure, and so do the success.

2010 has give me a lot of experiences to learn.  let me remain it, for few seconds.

  • being interviewed here, there, and everywhere. while I couldn’t make even one yet. 🙁
  • mandarin tutorial.
  • committe for WNR – Wahana Negara Rahaja. dealing with more than a thousand believers came from all over Indonesia. (super memorable event)
  • a month internship at Metro TV.
  • went to Singapore (wish I could go back there again).
  • dealing with thesis
  • Indonesian Dream Festival 2010 (a day ago).
  • fall in and fall out of love.

I feel a real up and down on life in 2010.

I feel outrageous at a moment, and feel nothing after a minute.

I feel what they call ‘labil’ when dealing with the love stuff.

I might feel the feeling as what you feel, aren’t you? 🙂

But, to have those kind of feelings could be the only thing that ensure you about the worth of having FRIENDS.
I feel so blessed of having a lot of friends surround me.
I love them for listening my complains.
Teasing me with my crush.
Scolding me for acting like a child.
And they’re just so wonderful. I bet you know who you are.

and by the end of 2010, I decided to complete my (religious) life into a higher step.
don’t take me as a hundred percent ready with this thing. no I ain’t that ready, actually.
however the thing is,
I guess I need to force myself to be ready with this.
as you have a bigger dream, you’ll need a bigger spirit. and I’m sure that this will take a biggest part of giving me a spirit.

So, as you can read my resolutions at this 2011 on my previous post,
I’ve pledged myself to do a thing better this year.

time flies.

I’m getting old.

world’s getting changed.

sure things should be done better.

cao! =*

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  1. faricawannabe

    let’s make another interview this year
    i also hoping this month i can get job 🙂

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