love riot. riot love.

the ambience of Jakarta Love Riot is still smitten my body!
and so do some of you for sure! :)

I’d like to show you some cute pictures during the event.

can u see Sarah Sechan?

finally, event is over.

everyone is happy, sharing hugs, smile, and even tears for this JAKARTA LOVE RIOT.
glad to be a part of it.

anyway, guess I’m looking for a part time job. could I?
do you have one?
I’m getting bored live a life doing nothing during the day.

eits! as I always have to close the post with something positive, let me remain myself a thing that,
lot of dreams running on my mind.
that should be my focus this year.
no matter what. it has to be achieved.
it has to be made into real.
it’s really do!


Author: vinnydubidu

A girl who falls in love to inspiring stories, especially women's. A girl who believes that everyone has the same right to live and be respected. Just so you know, Carrie Bradshaw is her long time muse.

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