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hello office

– well, this office is kinda huge.
– and cool.
– and quite (at 9 am-4 pm), and get crowded after all.
– I’ve got no computer. (so we’re like ‘nomaden’ during office time)
– some PC are still using Linux processor (my 1st time using Linux. :D)
– by the end of this week (may 1st), I’ll have my 1st 2 articles published, for quite big space. main issue.
– feel challenged, yet stressed.
– work is on progress.
– actually I’d like to picture my office, but I’ve got no time and space to do so. (you know ‘katrok’ rite? though I am, but I have to pretend like I’m not. haha)
– hate this black and white uniform.
– I just have my 4 shirt for 6 months work. (haven’t thought of buying a new one).
– anw, I’ve just signed my contract (officially) yesterday.
– now, I can’t wait for date 28. they said that it’s a SALARY DAY! wohooo! my 1st salary.
– this job is such a pride (let’s just say it so)
– my friend is coming.
– let’s go back to work.
– here’s my new tag

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