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HW satu (baca : hardwork)

Sunday, May 8th 2011

do you see the biggest article? yes the one with a huge smile of a man standing with a blurred background?
well, that’s my first article written with my own name on it. I try to find the paper, but it’s lost somewhere.
so, let’s have a tie with the technology. E-paper!

I ain’t a snob (please bold it).
I’d just love to remember it as my encouragement if one day (perhaps) I got lost or down.

I still got a ton of things to learn, yet keep up the spirit.

-HW.Hidup Wongso-

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  1. farica purnamasari

    ga bisa baca tulisanmu. musti register dl. ahahaha
    btw, tetap lanjutkan karyamu ya nak! ahahaha

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