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I really got ton of things to tell you that I don’t know how to start.
Let me just put a note of what should be reminded.

* Juli 31th 2011 : officialy moving out to new house.
* I’ve visited two ‘sekolah inklusi’ or the school that collaborate both normal and special needs students (the one with a certain disability either in physics or psychological. google it), regarding to my MOVE issue for this week (14 Aug).
Right after the visit, I feel touched easier.
I feel touched seeing the beggar, old nanny who’s preparing a small flowering lamp who sit in front of Pasaraya,
I feel like wanna cry remaining the learning disorder who live alone in Cibubur, only with his housemaid, while his both parents live in Bengkulu. Though that I don’t know what’s the matter that make his parents live him alone, I just feel a sort of pity.
I even feel weird when doing the article. Like I’m getting involved to far, while I’m not.
What does it mean? is it good or bad? hmm. it could be a periodical effect.
* This job really take me to the place where we’ve been hiding for during school. ‘Ruangan BK’, english native teacher, huge school owner. what a blessed!
* I’ve interviewed one of my native lecture at school today. I feel fun (remaining Desi Anwar interviewing Richard Gere. haha)
* ADS. ADS. ADS. wish I could fulfill all the required documents!

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