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Like mother, like son

behind this sleepiness, and sort of hmm, at the office, please allow me to send this post.

have you ever be a kind of son or daughter who complain a lot about your mom or dad?
‘nyokap cerewet’
‘ah bokap pelit’
‘nyokap nggak bisa diajak kerjasama’
and so on.

if it is YES, then you should reflect yourself in this simple ancient poem.
“like father, like son. like mother, like daughter”

believe it or not, it is just happened.

on me.

few days holiday, has made me think of this. few similarity between me and mom, which I used to complain, til death!

– mom is full of fear.
she happened to not going out of town, because of the plane crash that keep happening like few years ago. yes, she chose to stay at Pontianak, rather than seeing her grandchildren or sons, in the name of AFRAID.
I do the same, though not in a particular same way. I feel scare easily. I used to be scared of going home lately, because of experiencing the night when I got robed, seeing people robed, or had my thing robed when it was put on my friend’s bag. it’s just bad.

– still, afraid. Mom won’t go out of home, if it’s happened to be rain.
“Mom, there won’t be any rain. trust me! it’s just a silly sun hide behind the cloud”. then, mom still chose to cancel all her schedule. how about me then?
now i’m driving motorbike to office. everytime I see the sky is turning dark, I cancel my decision to drive a motor, but taking transjakarta. why? because I prefer to use umbrella, rather than driving under the thundering sky. yes, I’m afraid. just as my mom does.

– mom is a way too complicated
I bet you ever heard your mom ‘share’ you every single bad things about your dad, isn’t it? leaving far from home, makes me miss my mom. her call sometimes mean a lot. but, when it comes to a thing smells like complain, i was just like ‘zzz’. the thing was like, “mom, it’s just your thought. you think far too far. in fact, I couldn’t see how many percentage the thing you worry about dad could really happened, in your life”.

mom has such ‘ability’ to see things in the future, which is mostly doesn’t happened. just like me. I do the same. now i recall how many times I share my friends about my worries about many things, which is, mostly impossible, or not that valid to be thought at a time. over-prepared, I guess.

– last but not least, un-understand-able
it’s just hard to understand my mom, starts from what does she think, why does she act, what has she chose, how does she feel, and so on. me and my brother often wondering, how could mom be that stressed? why did she cry? how could she be the determined (to take driving car lesson when she’s like 60 years old. hello, grannie?), and so on.

and back to the quote, I think I had the same thing as her. even me, sometimes couldn’t understand, how could I be like this. hence, please take my apology if many people surrounds me keep asking the same question, ‘what happened to you, dude?’ 🙂

however, don’t feel any regret of figuring out these few alike between us and parents. as we were born from their body, why shouldn’t we witness their good, or bad?

we might be the same ‘bad’, but we have a chance to be better!


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  1. farica purnamasari

    ngocolnya ibu anak ini bisa bikin perut sakit ! 😀

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