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Dear grandpa


He is my only grandpa.
In his 87, he could still remember all he has…
37 grandchildren,
26 grand grandchildren,
1 grand grand grandchildren.

Last time I met him was 9 months ago.
Now he’s getting more older.
We should speak a lot louder.

Before, he could walk himself down to my house where is like 300 meters length.
He said that he’s no longer could walk that long.
“100 metres and I get my knee dawn”, he told.

Now grandpa is 87.
His 3 left teeths,
‘Einstein’ look alike hair, my cousin said so,
His 6 cigarettes a day,
50cm seeing distance,
Still make him our greatest grandpa.

Wish you’ll be healthier and happier, akong.


0 thoughts on “Dear grandpa

  1. lauren

    Good moment to meet akong..

    Koq g berasa sedih ya..

    1. vinnydubidu

      Iya. Sebenarnya aku juga sedih kmrn pas mau pulang. Cuma, doakan akong ttp sehat aja, Lau Mu Lie. 🙂

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