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How evil are you?

Wiseman said that bad thing always come with a good one.
Because you could define the good, when it’s compared to bad.
That’s why we have terms black and white, yin and yang, positive and negative, and so on.

Base on theories above, we, human, also should believe that we do have those both side.
No matter how nice you are, there are moment you would turn to evil.
No matter how harsh you are, there’s a sound within your head that keep shouting a peace and love.
The second one, which I’m trying to believe.

Some people said that I’m friendly, sometimes a way too friendly.
Of course I won’t said that it ain’t true, since it’s such an admission of your existence in society.
But, living a more complicated life lately, has changed my mind about me, myself.

I’m not that good.

Yes, I do act rude.
I do hate people.
I do talk harsh.
I do impolite.
Yes, I do things that you might hate. And so do I dislike.

The point why I’m saying this is not a page to humiliate myself.

What I’m trying to share is, sometimes you have to admit that a kind of person you hate might do exist in you.

I often regret myself when being harsh to my friend.
But the moment I be that one, I warn myself that it’s just wrong.
Next time, I think twice or lessen my ‘harshment’ to others.

The moment see your bad, is the time when you could impulse your good.

Another wiseman said that, universe is in your mind.
Think good then you’ll be good, and receive the good.
So do the contrary.

I always believe my teacher, as I always trust what wiseman said.

So, let’s love yourself and live it good.

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