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One leg show

Day 5

Today is the fifth day after accident. I still got nothing to do, but laying down on bed. watching dvd, tv, calling friends, checking up twitter, facebook, eat some cakes, or drink a water. all done from bed. so, you might imagine what’s beside my bed. a drawer with everything inside.

some friends asking me ‘how’s your leg?’. I couldn’t tell you how far improvement has made. because since I couldn’t see anything on my leg, everything was still the same, except the part when I could feel my leg hurt inside, like the vain is reacting to something, which me and my brother pretend as the ‘growing bone’.

then, how do I feel now? well this might sounds corny. but I still feel sad somehow. especially everytime I think of asking someone to help me to do this and that, even a very easy thing, like taking a cloth from the lower drawer. my bad.

in time, I guess it’s time to change my mind into a positive way. by the time I couldn’t go anywhere, I might have a chance to do lots of thing that I couldn’t do before. let’s make a list.

  • watching DVD.
  • search for any information, for, scholarship (maybe?)
  • look for what’s happening around the world
  • learn how to make cookies
  • write more (inspiring) articles. ?
  • spend more time with mom and dad
  • reflect on how my life had gone so far, and what’s next
  • anyone needs stalking service? I might do one for you.

is that all?

at least, if I couldn’t do a thing outside the home, I can do many things from bed. so I wouldn’t waste too much time crying or regretting for what has happened.

life is short. if it isn’t now, then when?

at least I still have the guts to take picture

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  1. Andy William

    jadi berapa lamakah baru bisa mejeng lagi di CP?

    1. vinnydubidu

      1-1,5 bulan tergopoh2. 6 bulan (mudahmudahan) bisa mejeng. Semoga sepatu hak masih bisa berjaya. :'(

  2. farica purnamasari


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