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Back at home

Hello, now I’m writing from Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan.

yesterday, I flight back to here with my brother, mom, and dad. have you asked ‘how did I get to the plane?’

that was my question before yesterday. I also couldn’t imagine how can I walked that far along the airport.

then, came the day. Lion air officer served me well, as a disable person. they were giving me wheel chair, so that I could sit a bit more comfort after stood with one leg, for 20 minutes. then, this was the most exciting part (so far), I get into the “LIFT FOR DISABLE” (yes I was in it). center of attention? never doubt it. everyone was looking at you, like you were ‘someone’ (pity-looked-young-girl walking with two sticks).

once we landed on Banjarmasin airport, here came business car that was usually used by the pilot and officers. yes, I was taking it too. then my dad said, ” lucky us to bring you. we wouldn’t get this facility if it wasn’t with you,” he laughed. then my mom offered a claimed, “mind your words, daddy”. me? just give a smile.

all my brothers and nieces and nephews came home last night. so, there were crowded all over the home. since I haven’t been there for a long time, that was sort of pleasant me up.

that was my story. seems like I’m gonna type alot from now on. oh anyway, I get my articles done last night. glad that I could wrap it up. yeay!


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