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Save yourself

Before I start doing all few task, let me give a credit for my self, and some others who has done a great thing for their life. If you who I mentioned doesn’t feel so, for me, you’ve done a very good one.! 🙂





3 articles above were written by me for one day post (last Saturday exactly).
I don’t even think that I’llwrap it up. Not an excellent one, but well said is enough.


Now, there’s this one…


This one was written by Reach’s participant from Yogya. If I were her, I would be this proud to show my friends and fam, and let them see how I could have my name written on the newspaper. Thank and congrats, Siti.


Last but not least, I wanna congrats my man for winning the competition with his whole team, this month.
I hope you know how precious all talents you have.
How I envy yet proud of you for having a team who wins 2 competition in a year.
What a blessing path you actually have today.
You’re amazing.

We all are amazing.
With what we have yet the one we still dreaming on.
Keep learning, praying, and never quit wishing.
Remember, where there is a want, there is a way. 🙂

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