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Note from Sabang Harbour

Good morning.
I’m writing from Sabang harbour. In a moment, we’ll take a ferry that will lead us to Banda Aceh in 2 hours something journey. At sharp 1.30 pm (considering no delay), we’re having 2 hours 30 mins flight to Jakarta.

Tomorrow, (after a bit of why-me-mumble-and-complain), I’m gonna meet my speaker at Jakarta, for the accomplishment of my article.

The day after, I’m going to Bali at 7.40 am flight. For the same working agenda.

You know why I’m writing this?
My 60% blood of complainment keep yelling out that the work is too much.
Yet the rest 40 is screaming out loud for me to be grateful for the chances and trust I had so far. Nevertheless for those who keep saying ‘wahh enak bangettt jalan-jalan’ (please, I got to force my brain along the day)

Humanity is the core. We, people, seldom give a total reward of everything. Human keeps unsatisfied for this and that. Saying bad for this and that, even for the almost perfect thing. That why there’s always a word ‘but’ after a ‘wow’. (eg : wow, the movie is great, but the direct is too bla bla bla)

Too bad it has became our , or named my, attitude, habit, or whatsoever. We live this way until it cames moment when you really really have nothing. By that, you’ll just remember that you’ve wasted too much time letting go the importance for giving compliment for your life and every single moment you’ve had in life. And all the regret is just too late. No, it’s a thing that I never expect to.

In short, regard to the sudden thought, my run of the negative blood had decreased 30% in a moment.
Hope it goes for so and on.

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