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Daddy’s daughter

I’d regularly talk to dad these two days. Perhaps because he stayed there alone, without mom, who’s having a tour with my brother.

Dad is one of the most talkative man I’ve known in life. By the call we made few minutes ago, he told me about how he missed my brothers when he had to work in Lampung, back when he was young (it’s because I told him that my brother post ‘kangen 6c’ status in his BBM for his 2 weeks left for the tour).

Dad watches TV alot. Moreover when he had a backpain because of the fall. Then, chat continued with his update about the nerve happened between China and Japan because of dispute island. Once he told me, I google the news, and tara! It’s there. Isn’t he cool? 🙂

after hair cut, before leaving Jakarta. can you see 73 years in him?


lunch chat with 1st brother

dinner back when I was in Banjar 


It’s been 2 months since I didn’t see and catch his early shout in the morning. And now I deeply feel what you call ‘missed my dad‘.

See you few weeks later, Pak Basri Wongso! 🙂

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