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Eyes wide opened

Despite all the work things, I feel thankful for the chance of joining this event. Pekan Paralimpik Nasional 2012  (Peparnas) has been hold since October 5th. So, particularly it’s the 6th day already. Fyi, Peparnas is the annual national sports event for all Indonesian difable atheletes. It’s hold after every sports event you’ve known, like Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON), Sea Games, and Olympic Games (all with the Paralympic name).

The most exciting thing of this first day is seeing the spirit of all the participants  during event. All of them are not physically ‘complete’, or difable. Some have uncomplete foot, using the ‘kruk’, wheelchair, and the alike. And yes, they are competing each other, doing sports like weghtlifting, volley, soccer, bowling, and many more. How do they do that? Magic. For, me all they have is a magic!

It’s not that they behave like they’re fine with it. Big no. An athlete from Yogyakarta, admit that she had felt the situation when everyone was fooling her around during junior high school because of her shoe size which is very different one to the pair (problem with polio injection since baby).

Grow into teenage,  she finally came to a thought for not to mock the people who discriminate her. “As long as I have the chance, I believe that I have the power as all the human being have,” she said. A thing that we might forget among all of our busy wusy life. A moment when all you have to do is surround, then stand up.

These what I need to keep in mind. Perhaps it’s gonna encourage you more.

It’s time to mix the sweet and bitter into one new tasteful drink! And all the hardwork will just gonna be paid afterall!  Okay, it’s a note to self!






Day #1
Peparnas 2012

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