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Any problem with expecting?

What kind of situation you dislike the most? For me, it’s when a thing doesn’t go my way.

I know, people. Things will always don’t go our way. Unless we’re God or hava a magical-power or whatsoover-stuff, everything is out of our control. But, who can bend your feeling to feel dissapointed or dissatisfied over something you really want to have? I just can’t.

Recently, the feeling of not doing everything well is happened over and over towards what I’ve done, especially work. It’s like you used to do something on your a hundred percent, but it’s getting lower and lower, and reaching 60 percent by now.

Of course, I’m the single person to blame for my quality-decrease-over-work. But, since blaming something isn’t my culture, I keep looking for what makes thing suddenly go that way. So, where’s the problem?


I’m a typical person who love to dream. Dream means imagination. Imagination could turn into something too high, out of reach, and unreal. See, UNREAL. Something that’s not real. The fact that I could keep doing things a hundred person, and get a hundred percent, constantly, in returns, might be impossible, for the kind of work I have today.

I have a very dynamic work where many things involved. It’s not just about company and client. But, related to public, and many other factors which are too complicated to explaine. I don’t even want to admit that they’re exist. Therefore, change is happened in every second, unpredictable.

The situation where I didn’t get the respectation as I expect could be the risk of me taking the work. The ¬†risk that I should have been familiar with, since an half year ago. Not something I should still have a problem with. So, this how you know, why I couldn’t blame anyone, (and have no right to feel dissapointed with every bad situation I have.)

The single word I’ve mentioned before then become a problem for another aspect of life. This time is about relationship. I think people live with a lot of imagination back to this kind of stuff. The one you’ve (especially ladies, CMIIW) seen on tv, movie, read from the novel, and so on.

Since one and some other things come unaccidentaly once at a time, everything’s ruined as Sandy hit US. I still couldn’t blame me or partner for the situation I have these few weeks. No one expect what we had today.

Back to the major problem with expectation, I remember what my friend ever said.

“A problem come between two persons, is occured, due to different level of expectation both we have. So, the solution is, lower yours, and his/hers.”

Should we do so? Doesn’t expectation is what make you fight more?

I really wish that I could have someone to talk to and release after these two silly thoughts. Why? I don’t know. I just need one.

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