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Happiness in math?

“If only happiness is just a chapter of mathematics”

Recently, happiness is an issue for me and some friends of mine. One good friend of mine is having one of her hardest part of life, in career and love. What can hurt you more rather than that both?

The other one, is having almost the similar one. Career and love. And another one, career. Then, there’s a friend who has with money and career problem.

Besides, of course I have mine. I still have to deal with this-never-ending-skin-problem. Pimple is going worse recently. I can hardly resist the pain all over my face, and even chest. Do not say that it is a way easier rather than both career, love, or money. You know how it feels, ladies. :). Not to mentioned, few others internal problems.

Seeing how people get through their life give me such reflections. People live their life, expecting a lot. While expecting, we’re fighting a lot, praying more, chasing hard, and so many other efforts. But, have you realized that you put your 60 kilos body to do all the stuffs once at a time? Just to reach our point of ‘happiness’?

Let say that we do them all perfectly! Then, have we get closer to what we want? Everytime I have my face free of pimples a bit, I want a very pretty and smooth skin. When I get the smooth skin, I’m sure that I will insist to have the shaped body. It just going that way.By the time we get a tiny amount of happiness, we insist that ‘it’s not enough’. Now you tell me, how can we get our goal, if we keep thinking that way?

If only happiness is a piece of number which could be calculated on our phone, life would be so so much fun!

I want 3 happiness! Give me 2 money and 1 boy friend. Then, tara! I’m happy!

Too bad, life doesn’t rule that way.

Life always consist for bunch of both suffer and happiness. It’s the rule that not even a Duke of Great Britain can change. You might have to say ‘life’s suck’  for a week, a month, a year or more.

But don’t forget! It all will be paid by the sun that will turns you into ‘life’s fucking good’  smile!

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  1. Arman

    happiness is the matter of a choice.
    you yourself can choose whether you want to be happy or not… 🙂

    1. vinnydubidu

      indeed. kak. if only everytime we can think that way ya… sometimes trouble drives people think and act abnormally. 🙂

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