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I did a mental health check up this afternoon at this Rumah Sakit Jiwa Heerdjan, Grogol. Why did I do that? No, it’s not that I feel bit ‘unwell’ or that I want to put submit an application to be a member of DPR (I’ve met 4 of them there). I just went there with my friend, to do the test while it’s free though. :D. Here’s how the test going.

I was asked to fill in 24 box containing each 4 statements. In each box, I have to circle for one of the the most and the least statement that fit in to me. For example…

– Mudah depresi | +  –
– Senang, ceria, tertawa | +  –

Those were two statements that I could remember so far. Of course two of them describe me as well, either most or least. 😀

After finished the circling, I was asked to wait outside for about 10 to 20 minutes. After that, I was asked to met the psychologist in person. Then, she gave me all the analyst based on the answers I gave. And based on my test…

I’m a kind of person who live in steadiness. I live by routine. I love doing regular thing, as what I did the same thing over and over again, especially on my daily life. Therefore, the time when I have to get into a brand new thing is the thing that potentially will drag me down into stress. Why? Because I have to do something new. I feel unsteady. Here’s the problem begin…

This kind of person needs a longer time to adjust herself into new environment. The time to adjust herself will sometimes make a great chance for this person to feel depressed and down. That’s why, a longer process is needed. It’s not that she couldn’t do something new. She just takes more time than normal person to really fit in into the new world.

So, how can steady person could settle themselves? People with high intention of steadiness should know how to control their stressful which caused by doing new thing. They have to compromise themselves to see that new thing is okay. All is well, precisely.  And last but not least, she should not let anybody, especially superior person (the one who likes to take control of someone, eg boss) to catch our adjustment period as the moment that we are not able to do the thing. That’s how the compromise to self should be made and controlled.

And I have to say that all the summary represent me for 80 percent. How about you? 🙂

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  1. Arman

    gua juga suka steadiness dan gak gitu suka sama changes. gua juga selalu need longer time (compared to other people) to adjust.

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