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Man and Its Role

This is not my first time saying that I’m typical person who likes to think of ‘what if I am somebody else but me?’. 

By that ‘somebody’, you know, it could be an artist, athlete, president, princess, man, mother, worker, boss, children, and anybody else you may mention.

Lately, this kind of thought come again across my mind. This time, it’s random. I want to be somebody, that I can’t recognize who she is. Its just simply somebody (looks) happier.

Do I have a very bad life ’til that thought came? No, I don’t.

The thing is, I then realize that me (or maybe you) will always have this very humankind feeling. Unsatisfied. When you have that moment, there comes the time we want be to others.

To see how special is an artist, princess, president, boss, and children, however makes me feel envy. Artist could get anything they want, princess get all the attention around the world, and somehow I envy my friend who looks like having a very good time with her friends, boyfriend, or family.

But, lately there come another thought.

If every girls in this world want to be an artist, let’s said Taylor Swift, who’ll be the fans? Who’ll by their album? Who will adore them? Who will shout her name out loud every time she walks across the street? How could Taylor makes a cent if she sings for nobody?

If I want to be my friend, who will be my friend’s friend? Do I will be a single person at the school, because everybody was me? Who should I talk to? To whom should I argue? Who should I hate? Who should I love?

After that random thoughts, I start to reset my mind and thought. People exist to complete others. Like Adam and Hawa, Romeo and Juliet, spoon and fork, or water and glass. What we live and do in current life is completing other person, and vice versa. Employer means nothing without boss. So do the boss.

Long story short, this is why the song from one of the famous Indonesian singer is very representative for current situation.

Setiap insan dapat satu peranan, yang harus ia mainkan” 

In English…

“Everyone has their own role, that they should play for”

See! You’re an  artist now. No need to dream as an artist anymore.

PS :

After all the change in life recently, I feel like my mind and soul is a bit ‘abnormal’. By writing this, I hope that I will always remember how to have my healthy life back. 🙂

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