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Hari Kerang

I woke up early this morning. 7.30 am. At least, one early morning for this Sunday.

I will leave the town tomorrow, for a week. To know that I have many things to do due to my left, I have planned this day to finish all the works.

So, I keep working in front of my  laptop from about 8 to 12 o’clock.

Where’s my mom and dad?

Mom is having her busy Sunday going out with vihara friends for some visit. She has left the house before I woke up.

While dad, like usual, is watching news broadcast on his Chinese TV channel. He came to check me at my room once or twice. and ask me what time I’ll like to have my lunch. Beside that, my dad who is chat-lover-person, is having his HAPPY CALL SUNDAY. After spent his 3 thousand rupiahs for Telkomsel free call from 6 am to 6 pm, my dad call everyone. My first brother, my third and fourth brother (too bad they’re asleep), my fourth sister in law, my other family, and some other friends.

Yesterday, my mom brought me ‘kerang dara’ or scallop *cmiiw. I’ve mentioned this food since a month ago. So, my mom finally fulfill my will by bringing 4 kilograms of scallop home. After finishing his ‘calling ritual’, my dad starts to cook. It’s 12.30 pm, our time to lunch is up. 

So, dad cook all the scallop, fries some ‘ikan teri’ (is it tiny fish?) which has been mixed with fried chicken powder (and turn out into a very delish fish). While me at the kitchen help him to make some the sauce for the scallop, and preparing rice to eat. Every member of family has known that my dad is a good chef, so do all of his family (his sister and brother are good one as well). Therefore, never doubt my dad’s cook. 🙂


Kerang Dara
(Dad said that it should be boiled not for too long (5 to 10 mins is enough), otherwise the scallop will shrink and not that chewable)




scallop sauce with traditional leaf named ‘kim kuk huan’ (<– this one I have no idea how to translate even to Indonesian), vinegar, a bit salt and sugar.


“Ikan teri rasa ayam goreng”

And here’s my picture taken with my Mandarin course friend yesterday at the swimming pool…995208_10151916564767766_194101115_n

Can you believe that right now daddy is still making a phone call? (See how he loves to talk :D).

Happy Sunday!

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