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About (Being) New Yorker

Reading Andy‘s blog today, I suddenly missed sharing dreams to friend. You know, when it came to this, me and Andy, sometimes with some others friend, could talk like few hours, with full of laughs and stupid thought.

One of them, is when I started to think of me as a very cool New Yorker who had a lunch at Andy’s restaurant.

That day, I was gonna call him to make an appointment and reservation, at then we would spending time talking like the one we had back in Jakarta. If I got bored talking or working, I would stop by his place just to read and have a cup of coffee. Because Andy’s restaurant would not be just a place for eat. A concept as a nice place to read, is a must. 

Then, we’re gonna laugh out loud after sharing this dream. Wondering when we will make it. But at some point, we both sure that one day we will really live it. 

I seldom do this kind of stuff recently.

First, because I still find no friend who had this kind of dream. 

Second, I probably lose the topic about what kind of dream to share. Or, I might be started to lose the guts to dream. 

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  1. Andy William

    Well, you got my concept right. Ot’s not we stop dreaming, but it because we’re busy making it happens.

    1. vinnydubidu


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