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People Come and Go, Live It

Have you ever prepared yourself if someone you love gone from you life? Like forever, maybe. 

I’m sure no one will ever do, or want to.
How could you think of something so bad, when you are living the greatest time?
Base on law of attraction, on The Secret, it’s not a good thought.
What you think is what you have.
Why should we think of a bad thing that we know will attract it to come for real?
Come on.

Two days ago, friend of mine is having the hardest part of her life.
Her husband she just married last month, October, passed away.
No sign, no ill, no last message.
He just left.
My friend is expecting a baby, for few weeks.
They are still planning the honey moon, next month.
What a happy life she had a month ago.
And at a click, she’s now alone.

I do not have to tell you how my friend’s life now.
But I can tell you this is the biggest tragedy I witness from people around me.

I saw my friend struggled for having her youngest brother passed away, a year ago.
I remembered my tears when my grandma left us forever, about 8 or 9 years ago.
I could replay the tears my friend had when I told her I gonna leave the city, three months ago.
I can hardly recall the tears I left for my breakup, few months ago.

But, seeing the tears came out from my friend at the church today.
When people were giving their last pray and worship to her love, while she was sitting at the back, cried over her grandma’s shoulder,
I’m out of words.
I feel shame for putting myself as the most fuck up person when I lose my boy.
What happened to me is not even 1 percent of my friends’.
I could not feel more sorry for her, for me.

When it comes to love,
When it comes to separation,
We all cry.
We all upset for the thing we hate come over us.
We all sad when people we love left us, for whatever the reason is.

Now, let’s sit back and think,
Do you remember the rule of this life?
People come and go.
It happens.
People married, wife getting pregnant, a children born.
Children turns to adult, getting married, having his own life, parents passed away.
Two lovers fall in love.
The next five months or years, one falls for other.
They apart.
This thing keep happens.
And it never stops.
It never stops until we really leave this world.

When I drove my car to the church two days ago,
My friend’s mom told us,

“Life is a mystery. Live it wisely”.

Now, how about considering this as a part of this life that we have to live with?

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  1. yasdong

    turut berduka buat kawanmu, Vin. maaf ya tempo hari curhat lo gw tanggapin datar. bukan maksud menyinggung.

    intinya, teruskan hidup dan bahagialah 🙂

    1. vinnydubidu

      nggak papa lagi Yas. tanggapanmu menghibur kok. hehehe. iya, terima kasih. 🙂

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