Tentang Mencintai Waktu


Seize the day  

To use an opportunity to do something that you want and not to worry about the future.
Example : Seize the day, young man. You may never get the chance to embark on such an adventure again.

Arti dari sini.

Ada beberapa cara untuk menjalani hari dengan lebih baik.

  1. Kurangi mengeluh.
  2. Perbanyak bersyukur.
  3. Kurangi marah.
  4. Kurangi curiga.
  5. Optimis.
  6. Tarik nafas. Senyum.
  7. Kalau mulai putus asa untuk bisa menjalankan 6 poin di atas, jangan ragu meminta bantuan alam semesta (Tuhan atau kepercayaan masing-masing). I’m this typical person who so believe into law of attraction and how the universe conspires. Tell them how you want it all happened and they do have the magic way to make it yours! :)

Are you ready to seize the day?

Author: vinnydubidu

A girl who falls in love to inspiring stories, especially women's. A girl who believes that everyone has the same right to live and be respected. Just so you know, Carrie Bradshaw is her long time muse.

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