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HCMC is Normal

Here’s a slight information for you guys who plan to go to Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minch City and feel worry regarding the political issue happened between the country and China.

I’ve been in Ho Chi Minh City since yesterday, May 27. Me and group of 40 others came to the country by bus off from Cambodia. It took approximately 6 hours trip. Had heard some issues from friend about the security once you reached the immigration. But turned out everything just normal. Police and officers did their duty well. No need to worry.

We live at district 1, tourist area. Foreign tourist are everywhere, along with the pub, bars, and cheap beers. Local food is also sold along the street.

People spend their evening doing sport at the public park. Student go to school.  Traffic is still crazy with bus, bikes and cars drive in their best speed. City seems normal. The only thing to worry within the area is only the robbery. A tourist got her phone robbed while walking down the street. Then three different peoples told us same thing. “Stay safe with your belonging, miss. Better put your phone at your bag.”

That’s all the information. May it could do you a favor with your plan for holiday. Just be safe and happy travelling, people! =)

0 thoughts on “HCMC is Normal

  1. Teppy

    neng lo sampe kapan di sana? gue besok ke sana, pake nomer lokalkah? kali aja bisa ketemu gitu 😀

    1. vinnydubidu

      Ah gue besok malam balik Jakarta, neng. Tinggal di daerah mana? Nggak pakai nomor lokal, cm pake wifi aja. Sayang sekalii nggak sempet ktmu. Sampai kapan d sini? Eh you’re spending a total holiday yaaa! Seruu =D

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