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Monday Musing

This is a post for you who are young, or you who still believe that you are young.

Have you found the thing that you are good at?
Or the people tell you so?
If it is yes, keep it. Why?
Because you are lucky to have one.
Stop thinking that ‘it’s nothing‘ instead.
No, please don’t.
It’s really something.
You’re already a step ahead of the others.
For you who haven’t found one,
Keep on looking because you must have something you’re good at.
We all have it.
Sometimes we are just too busy looking for the others, and skip the good things we have.

Do you have a dream of studying somewhere, at a prestigious university in the other parts of this world?
If it is yes, dream it.

A world no longer has boundaries.
It’s the thing that you should believe.
Internet, newspaper, television, telephone, have made you and we all become the part of this big world.
Every second you have worth hundred chances.
Every click you tap could take you everywhere.
Do not be afraid to dream big.
Believe me, you have the chance.
In the next five, ten, or fifteen years later, the only distance we have is only the real distance itself.

You are young, so you have more time to chase the dream.
You own a strong foot to run and the powerful hands to hold, don’t you?
So, keep on running.
Don’t stop unless you feel like about to lose your hands and feet.

You have plenty of time to try and to fail.
Don’t be afraid of failures.
The younger you fail, the younger you success.

When the day has come,
Others may consider your success is not a success.
Well, it’s okay.
At least it’s your success.
It’s the thing that makes you proud, happy, and believe,
that you had the strength to make it happen.
You’ll be the happiest man on earth afterward.

Do you know why you should believe in this?
Because many people have been there, and you could be the next one.

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