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When Life Falls Apart

I had written about this song when Mr. Mraz celebrated his birthday, last June. But, since what happened today is coincide with the mood of this song, please let me spin a yarn about it for a second time.

According to Jason Mraz, there are three things that you can do when your life falls apart, whatever the reasons are; the broke up after 8 years relationship, the lost of a few hundred dollars which you have saved for years, the death of someone you love, whatever the reasons are, I think few tips that Mr. Mraz has suggested through this song are worth trying.

  1. Cry your eyes out and dry up your heart.
    Been here? Yes, crying is the first thing that your normal eyes will react toward the situation you have. It’s normal to cry. But, remember, crying all day and night won’t change anything but the size of your swollen eyes. Thus, Mraz added, “Not until I do this will my new life start, So that’s the first thing that I do when my life falls apart”. Yes, it’s the first natural step that will happen to every human being once they feel that life falls apart. You are not alone.
  2. Close both of your eyes, and say your thank-yous to each and every moment of your life.
    In this chapter, after that crying scene, you will feel that your heart is a bit relieved. “Thank you” is really a charm for you to realize that you don’t need to feel that miserable about the bad things you have. Start thinking about this, “I go where I know the love is and let it fill me up inside”. If it works, then you’ll get through this, “Gathering new strength from sorrow, I’m glad to be alive”. Okay? Now, it’s the last thing you can do when your world caves in…
  3. You pause, take a breath, and bow and let that chapter end.
    Yes, after all sadness, your aching heart needs its time to take a breath. Hence, you need to pause and let the chapter end, at least for now. It’s not that you are running away from the thing which has tore you apart. No, you don’t. You take a space to see things differently. Unless you step out from that black hole for a while, you’ll never be able to see the light.

Have you gone through all these steps? Are you thinking of start doing so? If it’s a yes, the last thing that you should do and think after whole things have been done is, “I design my future bright not by where my life has been. And I try again.” 

  1. Things are looking up.
  2. Beyond the dark the sun is rising.
  3. Above the clouds the sun is shining.
  4. Love is still the answer I’m relying.
  5. Things are looking up.

Still feeling upset? Take a breath, plug in your headset, turn up your laptop volume, now let’s sing along.


I’ve played 3 Things more than three times in a row today. And it works pretty well.

Hope it works on you too! =)

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  1. nyonyasepatu

    aku suka banget dia :0 lagunya keren2

    1. vinnydubidu

      Iya, Mbak. Aku juga suka benerr =)))

  2. siskanurifah

    Loveeee it….!!! ahhh aku terharuuuuu,,,:)

    1. vinnydubidu

      Hey kamuuuu! Kangen tau! =*

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