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Quality Time Effect

According to Wikipedia, Quality Time means…

Time spent in giving another person one’s undivided attention in order to strengthen a relationship, especially with reference to working parents and their child or children.

I rarely have a time spent for this quality time. First, it’s because of the non-stop activities from day to noon, 7 days a week. I’m not saying that I’m a busy buddy who spends her entire days doing business or the humanitarian works. But, to have a whole day full of activities is sort of weakening your body and mind. So, to spend some other times even for going somewhere to have a chit chat with friends is not that preferable. 

Having a me-time in the room, reading, watching some series, or listening to some good music, or just laying on the bed, checking your Path, and stuffs, are way better choices for having your few hours left before sleeping time rather than others. I still manage to meet friends though. But, only a few of them are considered a quality time. 

Second, having a friend who has a same frequency is just as hard as looking for a right partner to spend your life with. I confirm it’s true. I have one or two friends here who stay at quite the same frequency as I do. But, there are times that it seems like a thing works differently between us. I’m not saying that you ought to have to a friend who always say ‘yes’ to you, or never arguing you. No. Some things are just different in our way of thoughts, so I might have it hard to share my particular issues to them. Thus, the only thing I can do is just to keep things stay in my mind until an unpredictable time. Yet, they are still the best friends to laugh, and share during this one last year.  They’ve let me meet many new friends which I never have till my high school time. At least, now I have many people to say ‘hi’ to when I go to the mall or have a lunch in a restaurant. 

The urge to have this precious quality time drove me to have a holiday with my friends last week. Three days in Bali, and 2 days in Jakarta were such a golden moment. I can’t tell you how happy I was to meet them all. All the patience to keep things in my own head for months and months was paid off in my last trip. 

We talked about so many things. About the happiness, the college life, the confusion, the doubt, the dream, the plan towards our future. We did the crazy things, took pictures, grabbed some beers and cheap wine and got ourselves drunk. We talked about the mess we meet at works, at the office, at the new place we live. We talked for 6 hours non-stop at our most favorite coffee shop. We spent the night talking in the bedroom with the lights off, like there was no tomorrow (and suddenly blanked out for a second since we both were too sleepy but too afraid to fall asleep as we still had tons of things to shared). We talked about how we are actually progressing by now (compared to our life few years ago), about how we should pay a gratitude for what he have at our present life.

We talked about the life we have.

We talked a lot and we were not exhausted at all. In fact, we’re dying to have more as the memory then was very hard to be forgotten. (as what Andy has concisely written in I don’t want to move on from this‘).  

We talked about how we missed each other and how we waited for the time to have our quality time back. 

 At the moment, I know that I already have those who have the same frequency as me, and it’s a bless to find it in them. 





With Indah, Andreas, Hervinny and Diana at Liberica Coffee

So, what’s the effect after having a quality time?  

First, I know that I have to thank to my life. At least, I am given a money, time, and opportunity to spend time with my friends, though it’s only once a year. 

Second, I have to work hard and earn more so that I can spend another time, somewhere, to meet them up and have more quality times to spend.

Till we meet again!

0 thoughts on “Quality Time Effect

  1. nyonyasepatu

    emang seru sih kumpul2 itu, bawaannya jadi happy apalagi kalau orang2 yang ketemu asik2 semua

    1. vinnydubidu

      bener banget, Mba! itu dia yang bikin kangen. =)

  2. Lorraine

    Spending quality time with close, good friends is a treasure because you’d get so much love & energy from it Vin. Agree with you, good friends are hard to find. Cherish them!

    1. vinnydubidu

      Will do, Mba! =)

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