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New Month, New Hope (?)


This is how millennials welcome the first day of each new month.
By posting some good words, pictures, or quotes. 

Every first thing is always important.
Perhaps by putting this kind of messages in the social media, the universe will conspire with us to seize the whole new month with a bless.
Perhaps by posting this message, those who spread the picture will gain the strength to give their best performance for the whole month.

For me personally, there are not too many good stuffs to bear in mind when October comes.
Yes this is my birthday month (people call this ‘my month‘),
While many other good friends also will celebrate theirs.

Yet, what bothers me to the utmost is the thought of…

This is the tenth month of 2014.

This is the month which marks two more months left before the whole 12 months’ pages should be closed;
This is the month where I should start to reminisce everything I have done from the January 1st, 300 days before today,
Till the ‘The End’ page, number 365, is finished;

This is the month where I have to start revealing all the fears;
and finding the way to overcome those for the better upcoming year;

This is the month where I should list all the good things I’ve gained since the beginning of this year;
Say a thank you, be grateful, then put it in my own mind-jar as a spirit to welcome the next year.

(Believe it or not, the last thing is the most difficult one.)

Have you started all this ‘one year evaluation and the next year revolution’ things?

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  1. nyonyasepatu

    semoga bulan ini semua lancar2 aja ya

    1. vinnydubidu

      Iya. Aminnnn, Mbak. 🙂

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