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Unexpected Birthday Treats

As much as what I used as the title, I will list down the unexpected treats (not ‘treat’) which turn out to be pretty much this year.

I write this down as a reminder to myself that I should keep on feeling grateful for my life. 
Each happiness I got this year was a paid for many failures I had. 
Failures are worth remembering as a lesson learned..
But those little achievements worth for a bigger space. 

  1. Practically, I had a fresh start this year by winning this Humorous Speech competition. First triumph for the first page of 2014 is such a blessing.
  2. First few months on 2014 was quite a hard time. But, then I met couple of new friends. We have a late supper after 9 om (bye diet), grab some drinks, share many stupid jokes, and off to some small parties. At least, a boredom is killed.
  3. Group of friends in Pontianak whom I have assisted for few months made a good shot on their REACH competition this July. They were in the 5th rank, quite a progress after their previous position last year which was 20th something. Am a happy sister! 
  4. Remarkable trip to Cambodia with hundred of friends, which has obviously changed my life and future plans significantly. Good and bad surprises came back and forth ever since.
  5. Got my first feature article accepted for a magazine. This is one of the good surprises after the point number 4.
  6. Get a pretty good hit on my blog lately because of this post post (I wonder why how could people get trapped in my sudden crush with this super delicious Pom Pom KFC, yet it is a happy and funny fact after 5 years blogging. If you happen to love this snack, you can buy a pack of potato nuggets available on Hypermart. Slurp!).
  7. Traveled to Bali with college friends, after 6 years apart. Posted here. Another happiness with friends was to meet my high school best pal from Dubai who visited Pontianak last week. 3 days togetherness, full of gossips and mumblings about life and future.
  8. Discovered 8tracks application that has painted my office days and before-sleeping time more colorful. No more silence. No more corny playlist. This one is my current most favorite playlist. It fits me well for the mood of writing, sleeping, even just daydreaming. Many thanks for those accounts who live with a good taste of music mix!
  9. So blessed and beyond overwhelmed for having a mentor who has given me a guidance as a father, lessons as a lecture, an advice on life and future as a friend, and a help as a savior, for these last few months. I am not exaggerating any of those four words because that is what he is. He is having his DAY today, October 16, and it is my honor to write this note for his special occasion. You know how I wish for all the best return to you for every single good thing that you have done in your life. Happy ‘gokil’ birthday!

I hope that I can write 10 points for this post.

But, 10 or 100 is a number of perfection, and feeling perfect doesn’t always do you good.
My teacher said that keeping scores stop at 9 or 99 out of 10 or 100 will give myself a chance to give more effort on what I am doing since I know that I am not even close to the finish line yet.

Less is more’.

Besides, nine treats are more than just enough to start my new path to welcome this new age, isn’t it?

Happy birthday for all Librarians!
And once again, Happy birthday, Mentor!


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