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First ‘Double-Christmas’

Christmas day has always caught my attention though I don’t celebrate it. The trees, the snow, the mistletoe, the kids, the Saints, the greetings, and everything.
So, to have this day celebrated twice is even more thrilling.

December 25th 2014,
I am celebrating the day (for the second time after the previous day in my home country) in the country that I’ve been dreaming of to visit, from kindergarten to high school time, to college time, to office time.
I smirked on the plane when realized that I was travelling half a globe, half this world. This might sound provincial or kampungan as how it sounds. But I am sure that to have this kind of day coming to you, doing the same thing and smile is way tolerable.

So, Merry Christmas, from San Francisco.

The city is beautiful. ‘City of hills’ will be the way I call this first city we stopped by, since it is surrounded by hills everywhere. You can easily find an up and down roads along the city with the houses that lying at each side. This remind me of Santorini (referring to plenty of pictures I saw) that may look like this in its more magical and beautiful way. I also remember a small town in Ternate, Nusa Tenggara Timur, eastern side of Indonesia, who has exactly the same landscape as this city.

If I may, I’d like to ask for more catching up with the people rather than the touring routines. And of course, more non mainstream landmarks including those more young and hip bars or cafes to go. If I may.

I will have so much to remember from this wonderful trip, and I wish to write more in the upcoming days.



Merry Christmas for all dear friends who celebrate! 🙂

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