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EF #2 – My Wildest Dream

Please accept my apology to skip EF#1. Last week was full of works after a week of absence. So, instead of rushing the post, I decided to skip it. Yet, I have thought of my word for 2015 after reading few members’ posts. I have already had the word in mind, I just have to write it soon. :).

Now, I am back to the topic.

Since I was in senior high school and started to participate in a youth organization, I feel so attached to the word called ‘Dream’. We were introduced to what dream is and how important it is. We talked about this for days and weeks. We looked for many ways to discover what our dream was.

Who knows that this five letters then has taken a big part in my life. Started from the university major I took, the job I applied, the persons I adore, the hobby I have, and even the life I currently (and want to) live in.

8 years ago, I dreamed of being a journalist. I dreamed of a moment when I could do the very challenging reports from the red zone areas. I dreamed of the moment when I could sit behind the news table and having my own prime time news program to inform the public the most update information. I dreamed of being a journalist who has a previllege to travel the world and has one on one interview with Time’s “People of the Year”, the world leaders, the famous movie stars, and takes a photograph with her idols as well. Throwing two birds with one stone, if you may say. I dreamed of having public to keep being informed with the educated information which my team had prepared with our highest respect to the thing called ‘journalism principles and ethics’. In short, I dreamed of many beautiful dreams about being a journalist.

However, life does not always go the way you want it to be. It might go the other way. And what I had to this dream happened in the same way. The dream faded away. There came a point when I thought that the dream is TOO much.

Two weeks ago, I saw the post about BEC (Blog English Club), which is initiated by Mas Dani, Mas Ryan, and Mba Nita. Quoted one of the members, Mba Jo (if I am not mistaken), this group has been the biggest and most releasing news in the ‘blogsphere’, which I agreed. Moreover when the second topic of BEC (Blog English Club) was announced. The topic which, slowly but sure, has turned me on, especially with its word, ‘wildest’. You can be anything when somebody ask you to dream at your wildest imagination, aren’t you?

So, here I am tonight. Being called to have this wildest dream back on track. Being pushed to have the guts to write my wildest dream down. I once thought of posting my dream about dating Chris Martin. But, when I look back at the ‘wildest’ term, I could not help myself to choose my old dream.

Thank you BEC.
You have no idea how this topic has shined a light for my recent days. 🙂

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