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EF #3 – How Gadgets Affect My Life

One smart phone, one tablet, one laptop, one camera.

I guess those are all gadgets which I have and use the most. Meanwhile, I have never thought of adding more. Despite the high cost to spend on gadgets, fortunately, my life is still good by the presence of those four things.

From scale 1 to 10, I think gadgets affect my life in scale… 6. Yes, I need my smart phone and the others three for my daily activity. But, to not having them in certain period of time will not break my mood down. (I have some friends who happened to have their mood ruined once they had their phone left at the house. Been there, done that?).

10 or 15 years ago, I was not this kind of person.

When I was in elementary school, one of my friend own her mobile phone. She was probably one and only student who had a handphone at that time. I was stunned by the look of this ‘fancy’ thing, a phone without cable with a handy size, which she had and used. I often thought of ‘how cool she was when holding up the phone!”, while felt so bad about myself for could not be able to afford it because it was so expensive.

When I was a kid, I thought that gadgets – mobile phone, discman, walkman –  affected someone, a lot. You could be a cool kid, if you had a gadget. It was as much as my belief that my friend was the coolest kid at school, because of her phone.

That was far before I knew how gadget influences people’s life in the following years.

Nowadays, gadgets is no longer considered as something fancy. I am talking about the ordinary gadgets, not the splendid ones like Leica or Vertu. As time has gone by, people own gadgets because of their NEEDS. People need smart phone so that they are able to access the internet for work or school assignments anywhere and anytime. Sometimes I use a tablet to digest some files in a handy-form and friendly-sight. I need a laptop because I have to finish my works efficiently in a limited time. Some people buy good cameras to take pictures with the better performances, and because their jobs expect them to do so.

Most people have gadgets because they NEED them to support their life. That is the furthest relationship we have with gadgets. When we are done with the duties or works which were finished by the help of gadgets, they can be kept away afterward.

I am happy for not letting gadgets affect my life too much. I mean, I still managed to live a happy day although my smart phone or laptop were broken for a month.

The thing about gadgets which has been my concern and so do most of you, I am sure, is when someone is attached to gadgets, like busy with her phone while having a someone is talking in front of her. Gadgets are invented to help people’s life. Some of them are obviously the substitutions of others, in a hi-tech form

I still feel that reading a printed book is more pleasant rather than reading on a tablet. I get my eyes sore easier when reading in tablet.
I still enjoy the second when I can write few things using my pen on my notebook, when the electricity was shut down so that I could not have my laptop on.
When I failed to picture a good shot using my camera, I have a great memory which is my brain which enable me to shoot many great pictures and have them kept inside my head.
I could ask my friend to come on time by making an appointment with them a week before. When gadgets have not gone viral as today, I could have a super-quality-time with friends without any distractions from Whatsapp, BBM, Line, Twitter, or else.

So, let’s put aside our gadgets for awhile, and have a good rest, shall we? =) KOKO

0 thoughts on “EF #3 – How Gadgets Affect My Life

  1. Ira

    I feel the same way.. I love reading printed book than an ebook

    1. vinnydubidu

      *toast, Ira! As a person with glasses, reading a printed book is way more comfortable than seeing the screen. =))

      1. Ira

        I often tired if I need to read some journal ><

        1. vinnydubidu

          Maybe you can print it out, if it is only few pages. But if it is hundred pages, then, apa boleh buat hihi.

          1. Ira

            If it only 10 pages I always print it. But if it 40… I just read what I need to read 😆

  2. Lorraine

    I often call a friend who texts me because I prefer to hear her voice instead.

    1. vinnydubidu

      I will make a phone call when they do not reply my BBM message while at the same time updating their BBM profile pictures for 4 times in an hour. (Indonesia banget ini, Mba. Hehehe).

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  4. Ryan

    I love the last picture. hahahaha… make me wanna sleep.

    1. vinnydubidu

      my nephew had a super tight sleep after few hours playing games on iPad, Mas. No good, though. =D

      1. Ryan

        Owww… he slept after playing games on iPad. hahaha. Well, he seems so comfy. That’s why I really want to sleep like that. 😀

        1. vinnydubidu

          Yes! Are you thinking of doing the same way, Mas? This could be worth to try. Hihi.

          1. Ryan

            Hahahaha. I am just thinking to sleep freely. hahaha no for the playing games on iPad (doesn’t have one)

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