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EF #4 – Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

Before going any further, I have to tell you that my week accidentally turned out as a Doraemon Week. Here I’ll tell you briefly.

I am currently an active participant of a Buddhist youth organization in Pontianak. Every month, we make an annual event participated by almost 30 teenagers ranging from age 10 to 20 years old. The event varies from interactive talk show, games, group discussion, workshop, and many more.

This January, my team and I had just made some Doraemon-related for our first event in 2015. And, later they had given me an idea about what to pick from Doraemon’s magic pocket for this week English Friday challenge. Such a pleasant coincidence anyway! =)

We were thinking hard to make a memorable event for as the first shot for this year. We had decided that it should be something meaningful, yet fun and attracting, so that people believed that this event was worth attending.

We wanted to share our resolution for 2015, but to have this topic discussed for those 6th grader participants would be something too complicated. Target? Mission? Goal? Still way too confusing. Remember, the majority participants are kids who are still wearing white-red and white-dark blue uniforms.

After went through several ideas, we agreed on an simple word to go. Wish. In another perspective, wish can be refer to dream. Following the thought, we compiled this idea into a concept that can relate to the targeted participants.

Long story short, we came to a final decision. The event would be the launching of “Dreambook 2015” (a small twist of Facebook). And, since Facebook was the origin idea, we also made the Facebook homepage as the overall design, beside picking up blue and white as the dress code. In addition, to make it more techno-like, we put an iWish (definitely a twist of Apple’s generation) as a ‘button’ to hit when you were ready to share your wish for 2015.

Below is what we had for “Dreambook 2015”.

"Dreamcard" and the Dreambook homepage.
“Dreamcard” and the Dreambook homepage.

Here were some of the “iWish“.

8 years old kid's wish. =)
8 years old boy’s. =)
The wish from a friend with a special need with one of the greatest wishes.
A wish from a friend with a special need which has taken my breath away. =’)

So, being inspired and encouraged by the very incredible notes from almost 50 participants (out of expectation, yeay!), I’d like to gratefully share you my wish for Doraemon.

If Doraemon has Anywhere Door, then I’d love to grab a tool called “Anywhere Call” from his magic pocket.

Anywhere Call is an inter-dimensional phone call. By having this, you no longer need a good signal, a best provider, or a good gadget to do a call. All you need is only this Anywhere Call. It’s like a bell door. Thus, instead of having your ears burned for having few hours long call listening to the speaker, you can just simply press the ‘call’ button and say who do you want to call, and you’ll be connected to them right away at the best phone call quality (bye bye noise or bad signal)!

The inter-dimensional function enables you to call anywhere and anytime. You can even call your imaginary friends. You can make a call to Iron Man, Superman, Cat Woman, Kobo Chan, or ask the best recipes from James Oliver or housewarming tips from Martha Stewart, or else. It is inter-dimension call, so you are able to call anybody you want, no matter how far or how real they are. And it’s free anyway. Doraemon never charged Nobita.

Yes, you can also call the people that you have lost. Maybe it is your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who used to love you. It’s beyond imagination, but you can have it real by using Anywhere Call.

Okay, this post leads me to nowhere but here.

I’d love to call one of the best men I have in life. I want to call my father who currently lives in another dimension. I want to have a super long chat with him and ask his advice for several big decisions I’ve made for my life. I also want to know which friends whom he has met recently. I want to know how he is doing now. =)

DORAEMONIf I can make an ad for Doraemon when launching this tool, the tagline would be …

“Anywhere Call – Because you need no boundaries to talk.”


I hope I’m not going too far.

Have a good weekend, friends! =)

0 thoughts on “EF #4 – Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

  1. nyonyasepatu

    Kalau bisa milih sesuatu dari kantongnya Doraemon, tetep maunya pintu kemana aja bisa itu hehe

    1. vinnydubidu

      nah, itu, mau juga, Mba. haha. cuman pas nulis ini lagi pengen denger suara. =D

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  3. rizzaumami

    I just think that you make this post because of the last paragraph, about your great father.

    1. vinnydubidu

      Great father is only the idea for the Doraemon’s tools. The rest was written to share what I had during the week. =)

  4. Ryan

    Hi Mba Vinny….
    Reading your post make me wonder, what if we have a website of that dreambook and iWish, for real. hahahaha.
    Btw… really nice sharing about your week. Are you a Buddhist?

    1. vinnydubidu

      A website with a Doraemon who will fulfill our wishes? Sounds good for the new tool from Doraemon. Hihi. Yes I am a Buddhist, Mas Ryan. Did I mention it somewhere because I forgot? Or you just have made a guess which is totally correct? Thanks for reading anyway. =)

      1. Ryan

        You’ve mentioned it on this post. Your activities. Ah… so happy meeting another Buddhist blogger. hahaha.
        Perhaps not necessarily a Doraemon’s website, any can do, as long as the wishes can be posted there. Hmm…. *thinking now* can it be came true?

        1. vinnydubidu

          Sorry I forgot that I mentioned it earlier.
          Now I remember that Mba Joice offered you a vegan meals that day. I guess that explained that you are Buddhist. I am not vegan anyway. I eat everything! Haha. It’s still a pleasure to meet you though, Mas. =)
          iWish website? I think sure you are going serious with this idea. We can talk more about this.
          I personally prefer to read people’s actions toward their wishes or goals. =)

          1. Ryan

            Hahaha. Yes. Jo mentioned about it. But I’m not fully vegan though. I don’t eat cow meat only.
            Well. Let’s talk privately. I will email you. And I think I know someone who will be interested also.

          2. vinnydubidu

            Okay. Looking forward to read your email, Mas! =)

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