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EF #6 – Alter Ego (-Less)

Today’s BEC topic is quite a challenge because I have no idea what it is about and what my alter-ego is. Really. I have no idea.

Wikipedia said that alter ego is “our second-self”.
Urban DIctionary said that alter ego is “someone you’re usually not”.

Although I’ve searched for the definitions from several sources, I have to admit that it’s still hard for me to get the idea of alter ego. Is it a subject? Is it an attitude? Is it a form of something? Thus, I will just define alter ego as a kind of person that someone really wants to be. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I love Carrie Bradshaw very much. Yes, that main role on Sex and the City TV series. I love her for her look, personality, occupation, love life, friendship, and everything. I remember how I tried to copy her look back when I was in college. Started from the hairstyle, the dress, the shoes, the heels. Of course, I failed. How can I afford Manolo Blahnik when all I can afford for lunch was nasi warteg. Instead of being Carrie Bradshaw, I was more into a-teenage-who-trapped-in-a-weird-look-because-of-her-love-for-Carrie. Poor me. =D

I didn’t stop loving Carrie afterward. I followed her path to be a writer. I didn’t write a book, I worked in a media, as a journalist. Part of me always thought of the way she wrote her column as spotted on many scenes, back when I was doing my article. Besides, I tried to find three good friends and had a good chat with them in a convenient coffee shop, following Carrie and her three besties, Samantha-Charlotte-Miranda. Until today, I try to live my life as Carrie who believed that there was always a good thing she got after the mess she’d made in life. Carrie wrote it down in her column, and I write it down here, sometimes, in my blog.

Do I finish here? No, I don’t.

I am still not satisfy with my first point of view about alter ego. There should be another explanation about what my alter ego is. There has to be.

Journalist are not allowed to make any assumption and to put their own opinions about the news they report. Therefore, journalist have to ask for an opinion or analysis from the capable sources. In this way, they are allowed to speak their mind through another person’s opinion.

Regarding the ethic, I won’t put my own assumption about my alter ego, include the one I’ve said above. So, I took in a personality quiz from to see how computer can take me out of my curiosity.


Instead of having Carrie as my alter ego…

The result of the quiz had this as my alter ego…

Alter EgoAm I done here? No, I am not.
I am getting more confused about with the result. =D

Now I am wondering…

Can someone just live with no alter ego?

0 thoughts on “EF #6 – Alter Ego (-Less)

  1. Nadia Khaerunnisa

    Haahaha I got Kathy, too 😆 gusrak banget ih!
    It’s not easy to be a jounalist ya, because they’re the 4th estate, sure they need to have a good and reliable references 🙂
    I think people will live with two sides, so I think everyone might have an alter ego.

    1. vinnydubidu

      Wahh haha. Do you agree to the points they made about Kathy? :D.

      Iya, Mba. Sometimes journalist pick a source who can deliver their own opinions. It’s the previllege though asal tidak disalahgunakan. 🙂
      Berarti, mungkin alter ego saya belum pas, Mba. Bingung ih haha

      1. Nadia Khaerunnisa

        Kayaknya engga juga deh itu yg poin2 si Kathy :\ *krisis kepribadian* haha
        Saya juga bingung :mrgreen:

      2. Andik Taufiq

        pembicaraan ibu-ibu… ndak mudeng saya… 😀

        1. vinnydubidu

          Haha masnya yang di sini masih belum jd ibu ni. 😀

      3. Andik Taufiq

        hooo… maap-maap..

  2. Ryan

    Last question made me wander, can we?

    1. vinnydubidu

      And I also haven’t found the satisfying answer yet, Mas. =)

      1. Ryan

        Maybe one day we can share each other about it.

        1. vinnydubidu


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    1. vinnydubidu

      Wah, thanks ya infonya! =)

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