0 thoughts on “Bertahan

    1. Iya, Mas. Bertahan untuk tidak semakin terpuruk dan bisa bangkit kembali. Mengacu pada headline media kemarin tentang peradilan di Indonesia. Random sih. Cm kemarin dgr lagu ini langsung miris aja baca beritanya. All we need for the nations are time and trust for the good people to fix this.

      1. Yes. We do need some good people to fix this. But give them time to do it. It is not instants process. Even though I have doubt on current President. He is like a puppet. Controlled by his masters. IMHO.

        1. I can’t give a further comment on this one because I believe that our leader must have a hard time right now in making any decision. That’s why I said that we better keep on giving them time and trust to handle the madness instead of mocking any body. It’s really getting worse ya, Mas. Gemes banget liatnya tapi ya nggak bs ngapa2in jg.

          1. Yes. That’s why I tried to do something that I can. By joining some activities that show how to make a difference. Like the one I post on last Saturday.

          2. Hopefully more people with think of the same way as you and stop judging and blaming anybody because it never helps. Indonesia will survive ya, Mas! *harus optimis*

  1. Indonesia itu negara baru dalam sejarah. Sebagai negara baru, kita gak buruk. Harapan saya, pendidikan bisa lebih merata dan kualitasnya ditingkatin karena itu fondasi untuk masa depan. Masalah-masalah yang ada sekarang, korupsi misalnya, akan tetap ada semasa hidup kita. Pemerintahan boleh berganti-ganti, tapi para pemain politiknya masih di sana. It takes at least two more generations to see a significantly better Indonesia. I can live with it.

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