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The Loss that Makes You Strong

A very dear friend of mine lost his brother few months ago because of a car accident.
Last night, he lost his mother who had stayed in a hospital for about three weeks.
Another relative has also lost his mother yesterday. A beloved mother, the woman whom everybody loves.

Seeing the stories of birth, growth, death, and witnessing the surprising circle of life, I happened to imagine what if one day, another person I love, leave me forever. This I hope will fix the heart a bit when the real day comes. This is probably a wrong wish, but I somewhat wish that it will work.

I’m sure that you’ll be a very strong person in the future because there’s no more sufferings that you can’t resist after this loss.
I’ll pray the best for you, your family, and your beloved mom.

We love you, R.

0 thoughts on “The Loss that Makes You Strong

  1. Nadia Khaerunnisa

    Losing beloved people is indeed the most heartbreaking life events, but it’s irresistable, though. Every living things will eventually meet their ends.
    All we need is people that can make us strong.

    1. vinnydubidu

      And the faith that we have to be strong at least for the people who still alive and for those who we love. 🙂

      1. Nadia Khaerunnisa

        Yes, I agree, even though it is not easy. And for that we need to cherish every moment of togetherness 🙂

        1. vinnydubidu

          I’m so agree to the last point you’ve made, Mba! 🙂

          1. Nadia Khaerunnisa

            And I agree with you that I hope we could be that strong if that’s ever happened :'(

  2. nyonyasepatu

    bacanya jadi sedih. Kebayang kalau ortu meninggal huhu. Aduh…..

    1. vinnydubidu

      Iya Mba. Nggak bisa dibayangkan lagi sedihnya yg ngalamin 🙁

  3. Ryan

    Turut berduka ya.
    Melihat siklus kehidupan sering membuat bertanya2 dan merenung. Apakah hidup ini sudah yang terbaik.

    They say what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. Hopefully we are stronger day by day.

    1. vinnydubidu

      Sudah yang terbaik, Mas. Tugas kita menjaganya tetap baik dan lebih baik. 🙂

  4. Gara

    Deep condolences for your friend, Mbak. May they rest in peace.
    Sometimes I think about that, too. What if… what if… what would it be… ah, it makes me scared, it makes me sad. So I need to prepare for the loss, yet I don’t know what should I prepare.
    I absolutely agree with Mbak Nadia’s comments. Maybe I should look for people who can make me strong when I experience those things. And I should cherish every moment I have with people I love.

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