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EF # 12 – Your Means of Public Transportation

If I am given this question,
“What kind of public transportation in Jakarta that you prefer to take?”

The answer will be :
1. Transjakarta Busway
2. Kopaja AC
3. Metromini / Kopaja
4. Taxi
(1. Most preferrable ~ 4. Less preferrable)

The main reason why I love Transjakarta is the security. I know some of you might woo me for saying that I feel save being in Transjakarta. But, the presence of the staffs in each shelter and the closed-door when the bus is on the street make me feel that way. At least, I know that no beggars who will suddenly get inside the bus trying to scare you with their tatoos or piercing asking for pennies. Besides, I am okay to deal with the crowed or hot inside the bus or shelter as long as I have my earpiece plugged in. So, Transjakarta for the win! 🙂

The same reason can be applied to Kopaja AC. Since both vehicles are designed with air conditioners facility, having the door closed is definitely a must. That is why I feel more secure with both vehicles.

Kopaja and Metromini are the choices that I will go for when I aimed to reach a place in a very short time. Both vehicles are the king of Jakarta’s street. They can just move their bus whenever and wherever they want, cut every traffic, and sometimes pass through every ‘barrier’ they meet in the street. Thus, I can not expect any security as the one I have for Transjakarta because people are easily hop on and off to this vehicles includes the bad men. But, don’t worry, you will get your destination just in time with either Kopaja or Metromini.

If I have more money to spend, or if I have to go to a place for party or else, then taxi is the last choice to go with. When I lived in Jakarta 2 years ago, the rate for taxi is only 5.000 or 6.000 rupiah. A year later, it becomes 6.000 or 7.000 with more expensive rate per kilometres. It’s pretty expensive for me. Thus, I will just go with taxi under a very very important circumstance. 🙂

Those are my experiences with the public transportation, especially in Jakarta. If I might wish for another one, MRT will be it.

MRT has helped me alot when I visited to several countries in Asia. It is not pricey, save, and fast.

Jakarta with its new government is now on its way to establish MRT. Despite all problems which are occuring right now, I really wish that this plan will work and the public can support the government with this one great dream of Jakarta MRT.

I am sure that all the time spent for the traffic because of the project in several spots in Jakarta will be worthed when the dream has been achieved. As long as the public can support the government, include by taking care of the public transportation well when it’s done, I am sure that people will not have to think twice to go with the public transportation.

0 thoughts on “EF # 12 – Your Means of Public Transportation

  1. Ryan

    Safety is important for us, passenger, right? However, nowadays there is question also about the saftey inside transjakarta.

  2. Gara

    Couldn’t agree more. Let’s just wait patiently for the government to finish their job: finishing the future of Jakarta’s transportation. I’m eagerly waiting for the MRT, too, I hope when it finished we will have a comfortable, safe, and affordable transportation, so we can say: “Going around Jakarta has never been this easy!”.

    1. rizzaumami

      Masih menunggu masa-masa yang menggiurkan itu. 😀

      1. Andik Taufiq

        iya, sama… jadi melirik ke rumput tetangga yg nampaknya lebih hijau

  3. dani

    I used to love using transJakarta. I need to pay only once and I can get a way to circle around Jakarta.

  4. Beby

    Sepertinya busway masih jadi pilihan utama banyak warga Jakarta yah.. Aku sendiri belom pernah cobak.. 😀

  5. Lia

    I also looking forward to have a better public transportation in Jakarta 🙂


  6. Nia Sari Nastiti

    I can hardly wait for MRT too 😀

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