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The talk about a relationship over a dinner between women from 4 different countries.

A. Woman from a developed country against the idea of a sex before marriage.

B. Another woman from a developing country said that she will not get married because it’s hardly possible to find a real man in her country, since 7 out of 10 men made a choice not to be a man, 2 are playboy, and that 1 man left, only with probability of either a playboy or a good man.

Another view came from C, who came from one of the biggest and developed countries in Asia. Having a family isn’t a priority and so does for having children. Thus, government has to push the people to have children. The more children you have, the more financial supports you’ll receive from the government.

After D shared the story about how relationship works in her country, A B and C constantly wondered how the people in D’s country have such thoughts and get involved that far in defying whatever-choice taken by women, either to get married to whom, when to get married, or even the choice to live her life not with anybody.

Righ after listening to D’s stories about the night she had, E then wondered “which one is the best for woman, as a part of one big society, to go with?”

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  1. Ryan

    You are the E, I presume?
    It actually make sense if the country isn’t big enough, the government step in to make some rules. But then again, it is about human rights. Hmmm.

    I wonder why those 7 men were said not to be a man?

  2. Lorraine

    Could you tell me more about D’s country? I sense that there, the society control or cohesion whatever you call it, is still very much present and strong. Mostly to men’s advantages and privileges which make some of them fearing the rise of women’s well-being, or worse that some of the men become misogynist.

    And C’s country is not bad though, its government stimulates women to bare children in order to maintain the country’s level of wealth. It’s about demography, working population.

    1. vinnydubidu

      Yes I agree to the C’s country’s policy as well, Mba.
      About D, I think it’s more into the life in one small society which doesn’t represent the whole idea of the country. D shared the story of a life she has in her family and it referred to the close friends she has. However, I didn’t have that far thought as what you mentioned, so it’s really a new point of view for this topic.
      Would you please elaborate the word ‘misogynist’?

  3. Chichi

    I prefer to be an A 😀

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